Strange Scenarios Requested


Hello there, fellow Ekphrasians and blog readers! I’m working on plotting out my second novel, and I would like suggestions of scenarios that I could maybe adapt and include. Here are the parameters:


– the setting is a cemetery
– the characters are members of an artists’-and-writers’ critique group
– each character is very distinctive: they wear strange clothing, sport a variety of accents, and have a wild collection of eccentric habits
– they spend the day wandering around the cemetery working on their art or looking for inspiration.
– they have various encounters throughout the day: romantic, social, friendly, unfriendly
– they read, write, take photographs, sketch, draw, paint, pose, dance, play music, etc.
– each has something intense going on spiritually or psychologically. These become more pronounced and dramatic as the day goes on so that when the big crisis comes, these problems and experiences explode.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSOOOOO… I’m looking for suggestions of interactions these characters might have during such a day. What would you do, if you were wandering around a graveyard with other eccentric, artistic people? What arguments, illusions, passions, delusions, or inspirations might occur? Thanks for your ideas! 


Movie discussion: “Tree of Life,” 18 Feb

You are invited to attend a movie discussion group!
tree of life copy

When: Tuesday, February 18th, 5:00 pm
Where: Endeavor Community Church
1080 Flexer Ave, Allentown, PA
What: a gathering to watch and discuss
Terrence Malick’s film The Tree of Life
Please bring food and friends
For more info:

An Ekphrasis Limerick

Here is a poem that captures the very heart and essence of our profound and thoughtful workshops. It was painstakingly composed by Dr. James Femister.


There was a small group named Ekphrasis,
Whose meetings were slow as molasses.
Where Sorina holds sway,
And the rest all obey,
They all want to see him who passes.