POTS performs “Twelve Angry Jurors”

jurorsPlayers of the Stage Presents…


October 9th, 10th, and 11th at 7 PM
October 11th at 2 PM

Living Hope Church, Allentown PA

Directed by Abby Mills

Come watch  this dynamic story about the struggle to determine the guilt or innocence of a young man. One man stands alone against the rest of the jurors convinced of the defendant’s guilt.

Email potstickets@gmail.com to reserve tickets

This show will be performed as a benefit show for CareNet. A hundred percent of the donations will go to support their work.


Photography day at Betsy’s Cabin.

WP_20140726_14_31_28_Pro 1Notes on Photography day at Betsy’s Cabin.

Earlier this summer, before the 3DNC madness, several members of Players of the Stage (who also attend Ekphrasis) had a photography day at Betsy’s Cabin. This gave a chance for photographer Joshua, costume designer Besty, and several actors to showcase their skills. Here are some notes and images from the day.

JOSHUA (photographer): I was very nervous about the whole thing actually. I love to take photos, and my favorite subject is people. I have a lot of experience taking photographs of people, but it’s always been candid photos. In fact with the exception of two weddings I was asked to do once I have never done a formal photo shoot before, and let’s just say that it was a good thing that I was not the primary photographer at either wedding.

Don’t get me wrong; it is exceptionally hard to get a good candid photo. You only have one chance, one shot to get it right and so much can go wrong. Your subject will suddenly move. Something will come into frame. You’ll be so focused on the subject that you are shooting that you won’t noticed all the objects in the background that can distort the lines of the photo, distract from the subject, or otherwise annoy the photographer.10382226_10153120647259128_7829841508441903490_o

A more formal fashion shoot on the other hand should be a photographers dream. Ideally as a photographer you have complete control over the model, what they wear, how they look, composition of the photo, lighting, scenery, background, in short everything.

Yet, I was still nervous. I put more prep work into this shoot then I have ever done with any photo shoot before. I spent the two days prior to the shoot researching different poses, different ways to photograph someone to their best advantage. I insisted that Betsy and Andrew, both of whom would be arriving before me, scout the locations out that we were going to use and if possible send me stills of each location so that I choose the best possible spots. This part ended up being a bit superfluous though, as Andrew ended up arriving at the same time as me, and there wasn’t a terrible location to be had, and we ended up using all of them.

1502218_10153120645799128_5370725031167806479_oAlso unlike other photos that I had taken before that were more for fun or personal enjoyment, these photos were also going to be used to help promote Jeff’s upcoming film adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (both Betsy & Hudson would be playing roles in it) and would be added to a Betsy’s costume designer portfolio that she was assembling.

As Hudson wouldn’t be arriving until later in the day (He seemed to be under the totally correct assumption that we might … possibly … technically be trespassing for some of our locations and didn’t want to be around for the first part of the shoot) so we decided to shoot Betsy & Amanda first, so me, Andrew & his daughter Summerled, Betsy and Amanda headed out to the first location which was a series of small paths that lead to a small dock for canoes on the edge of large creek.

Betsy’s first costume was a colonial period dress & straw hat that would have been worn by a young girl followed by an English Regency Period (1790’s-1820’s) dress, similar to the type of dress that a Jane Austin character might have worn. Amanda’s first costume was a Medieval peasant girl’s dress which was later switched out for a Medieval noble woman’s dress (though several of us thought the dress made Amanda look more like a sorceress.). After we were done at the dock we headed to our second location, which was a cliff overlooking the creek with a number of waterfalls on the other side.

Once we were done with the waterfall location we headed back to Betsy’s Cabin to met up with Hudson, have a quick lunch and get ready for the next part of the shoot.

The second part of the shoot was character shots for Jeff’s Midsummer film and featured Betsy wearing her Hermia costume and Hudson in his Cobweb (one of the fairies in Tatiana’s entourage) costume. This part of the shoot was going quite well but unfortunately had to be cut short when Mother Nature decided to try to kill Hudson.10629438_10153120648924128_1124785882281965452_o

On the way to the second location for the afternoon shoot Hudson was bitten some kind of flying bug and started to have a very scary, but thankfully very minor allergic reaction. We, of course decided to head back to the cabin where Betsy, Amanda & Andrew took Hudson inside while I stayed outside to watch over Summerled.

After a while me & Summerled headed inside to check on Hudson and was shocked to see that what had started out as swelling red & white welts had appeared to turn into slimy green scales on Hudson’s neck & shoulders, BUT was very quickly relieved to find out that the “slimy green scales” were actually plantain leaves that Amanda had chewed up and administered to Hudson’s neck & shoulders to reduce the swelling.

It must have worked because in about 20-30 minutes Hudson made a full recovery and we joined Betsy’s brothers and their friends who had made a bonfire in the middle of the creek and we all roasted marshmallows.


AMANDA (model):  So basically my character in pink was your average, young, village woman and the green was a medieval – time lady. It was a lot of fun and slightly nerve wracking, trying to look ok for the camera. Josh gave some very helpful suggestions. Betsy and I went out earlier that morning to scout locations, so by the end of the day we had walked quite a bit.


10448514_10153120647354128_5087988483766559500_oBETSY (costume designer, seamstress, and model):

 All the costumes were the result of a need or free time combined with available materials. The blue children’s outfit in particular I made to wear as Polly Heckewelder for the Historic Bethlehem Blueberry Festival. Amanda and I did our own hair and makeup for the shoot, as well as provided our own jewelry.

It was a fun process, but took a little bit to get used to. At first I had to ask Josh what he wanted me to do, but as the day progressed he became more communicative and directive about what he wanted.

ANDREW (model and photo editor): Somerled and I set off for Betsy’s cabin late in the morning.  We’d borrowed my sister-in-law’s car for the weekend, with an after-market sound system and a sunroof, so we had a great drive up to the Poconos, music blasting and the wind in our hair, as God intended.  Our progress towards the cabin was punctuated by selfies texted from Betsy showing off some of the locations we’d be shooting in.

10547373_10153120646924128_2083960669915695803_oWe arrived about the same time as Josh.  Betsy and Amanda had gone up the night before.  As soon as we got there, the girls changed into their initial costumes and Josh changed into a photographer.  We set out on the road to shoot some photos.  Josh, Somerled and I rode in the bed of Betsy’s pickup truck.  Eventually we arrived at a place we could no longer traverse by truck, so we got out and hoofed the rest of the way.
As we walked, Josh shot some candid shots.  The path gradually became surrounded by bushes full of ripe huckleberries, which we picked and ate by the handful.  Since that activity seemed to work with Betsy’s first costume, Josh took some photos of her collecting the berries.
A little further down the path we found an little pond with an old wooden dock.  Josh took pictures of Betsy on the dock, and of Amanda nearby.  The girls went off somewhere to mysteriously change into their other dresses, and we continued on our way.
10582932_10153120645829128_4048099300921611949_oOur ultimate destination was the waterfall you can see in several of these photos.  Betsy led us along a rocky path, made wet from the fine spray of the falls, and we eventually ended up on the outcropping where we took the remainder of the pictures.
Finally, we headed back to [relative] civilization, where the promise of campfires and creek-wading adventures awaited us.  By the time we made our return, Hudson had arrived.  With some assistance he donned his costume, Betsy changed into her final costume of the day, and the two of them, along with Josh, descended into some stinking bog that I couldn’t quite be tempted to brave.
Eventually Hudson had some kind of allergic reaction to Nature, and Amanda saved the day by chewing up some kind of plant and spitting it out onto his chest in a bizarre sort of ritual.  It worked, his hives disappeared and the swelling went down, but by then everyone was ready to relax for the rest of the day.  We waded through the creek to a dam Betsy’s brothers had built, and a campfire they’d erected in the middle of the water.  We spent the rest of the day relaxing and playing in the idyllic mountain scenery, and all was good with the world.

3DNC Journal!

This was the second year in a row that members of Ekphrasis either participated in the international Three-Day Novel Contest or at least used Labor Day weekend as an intensive writing retreat. You can read last year’s journal here. This year, here’s what we were up to:

Betsy G generously offered her cabin as a retreat site again, and she, Sharon, Marian, and I were there at various points during the weekend.

Betsy finished writing Dragonhoard, which she began exactly one year ago. It is a young adult novel — a retelling of “Beauty and the Beast,” and it is 40,624 long, with twenty chapters and an epilogue.

Marian finished writing Aakroveil, a fantasy novel with twenty-nine chapters and an epilogue; it’s 100,314 words long.

Sharon wrote an entire play in two days! It is a two-act entitled Rifton Diner, and it’s 17,447 words in length.

Andrew worked on Lullaby, a novel he began last year, and also on Noose, an epic steampunk fantasy with eight point-of-view characters.

Stephanie worked from home on a new novel.

Jeff had to be at his job all weekend, but continues to work on revising The Pale of the Sun, last year’s 3DNC novella.

I almost finished doing a major revision job on The Four Senses, last year’s 3DNC attempt. It now has thirty-seven chapters; 102,200 words. I’ll soon be looking for beta readers, so let me know if you’re interested! (I will also schedule a full read-through soon, so stay tuned for news of that).

And please attend our meetings if you want to hear some of these works read aloud.

What follows is the journal kept at The Coffee Pot, the cabin where some of us were. I recommend caution while reading this; it may be hazardous to your health!

Transcript: 3-Day Novel Contest Journal, 2014

11:45 – Arrived and got set up. Mrs. Gahman provided Beatrix Potter sheets! –SPBG
12:00 – Writing time! –SPBG
12:15 – Sunshine on the water is proving to be very distracting. –B
2:41 – Picked wildflowers & scouted out wild grapes. Sharon isn’t being as ‘militant’ this year! –B
4:30 – We decided that we aren’t as interesting – just the two of us – next year it must be the Four Musketeers! –SPBG
5:25 – Watched a wood-bore struggle helplessly as it slowly roasted to death in the fire. –B
“You will munch no more!” (Direct quote from B while she glared at the flames). –SPBG
5:30 – “How do you spell ‘Protestant’?” (Sharon) –B
Betsy magnanimously forgives me for not knowing how to spell Protestant (and probably magnanimous as       well, or at least I hope) and for having to use the bathroom all the time. –SPBG
5:59 – I’m sick of thanksgiving! –SPBG
7:15 – “What is a common Wild West name for a man? Bill! Bill works.” –B
7:32 – 30,000 words! –B
8:01 – Yoga time! –B
8:57 – Listening to the Star Wars cantina music. –B
9:30 – Sharon finished 1st half and gets ready for bed! –SPBG
9:40 – Betsy finished Oberon’s vest. Bedtime. –B

7:30 – Internet hunting –SPBG
Nevermind. –SPBG
8:40 – “Marriage is a destroyer of friendships.” (Direct quote from Rifton) –B
10:00-11:00 – Internet search –found at Dunkin Donuts, determined Sharon wasn’t that nice because she only paid for Betsy’s coffee. –SPBG
11:40 – After Betsy offered me shampoo – “I probably won’t because I hate bathing.” –SPBG
3:00 – Betsy caught a dozen crayfish to put on Hob-Goblin’s costume. Not – the costume part. –SPBG
3:30 – Sharon decided that next year she would be militant again – making it a bi-annual attitude. –SPBG
5:30 – We grill chicken & cook carrots in the fire – we are gourmets! –SPBG
7:00 – Sharon stares down a bear – Betsy runs after it with a camera. –SPBG
7:15 – Betsy saw said bear but wasn’t able to snap a photo. –B
8:10 – Finished 1st draft of Rifton! –SPBG
8:15 – Decided we need Christian LARPing. –SPBG
10:03 – After deciding not to stay up late, we proceeded to watch HTTYD [How To Train Your Dragon], while Betsy sewed and Sharon edited Rifton. –B

3:00 [am] – Bear tries to break in. –SPBG
3:15 – Betsy declares her hair is keeping her up. –SPBG
7:03 – Both of us get moving; very bleary-eyed; overactive imaginations kept us awake after the bear left. –B
11:09 – Finished Dragonhoard! –B
11:24 – We decide Sharon should get a selfie with the bear. –B
12:16 – Waiting for Marian. –B
12:30 – Sharon promised to have better handwriting. –SPBG
1:30 – Betsy found a beautiful worm and decided it should go on a hook – alas, she found no fishing equipment. –SPBG
2:00 – Marian’s here! –B10603535_700399110030948_5196494214912980204_n
2:15 – Betsy forgives Sharon again for – something. –SPBG
3:15 – Marian decides we need to kill Betsy’s conscience. –M
3:40 – Betsy & Sharon argue about fishing –SPBG
3:41 – “The chipmunk is pregnant: it has a baby in each cheek.” (direct quote from Sharon) –B
4:20 – Sharon left. L -B
4:30 – Left in search of extension cords. –B
5:39 – Returned w/ extension cords & PIZZA! –B
6:00 – Marian cheers for “funky bunttuns.” –B
6:38 – Marian actually gets some writing done! And laments her sappiness. –M
6:40 – Marian and Betsy have a bonding moment where Betsy reveals she can be inappropriate around Marian because she won’t judge her. –M
7:01 – Marian breaks the 90,000 word mark! –M
7:58 – We discuss Dorian’s awkwardness. –B

8:33 – The caffeine contained in an entire Monster is not powerful enough to keep me awake. –B
9:19 – Betsy has gone to bed, but I (I’m tired of writing in the third person.) am still writing. I’ve finished chapter 27. Does this book ever end? –M
10:37 – I’m done writing for the night. I’ve gotten quite tired. But I wrote 2,593 words today. Not bad for me. Bed… -M

6:50 – Contacts in, fire started, Marian still slumbering, off to do devotions. –B
9:50 – Went for more drinking water. –B
10:15 – Dominion time! –B
10:40 – Marian names a caterpillar Melvin. –B10355385_700399303364262_109022656870513689_n
10:45 – Betsy sacrifices a Beggar on her Alter. –B
10:54 – Marian does the same. –B
11:15 – Dominion scores


+ 6

11:20 – Time to get to work! –B
12:20 – Clean hair! –B
1:00 – Found out Sharon & Sorina are coming to visit!!! –B
1:14 – I’m super hyper from all the caffeine. I might need to take an improve dance break. Why is writing a thing? –MJB
1:16 – Marian fears that the crayfish will steal her soul. –B
2:40 – Betsy assists Marian in washing her hair. The things friends do for each other. –M
2:52 – Marian is an amazing person and gave me a back-rub. –B
3:12 – Sharon & Sorina arrive! –B

3:24 – Back to work! –SPBG
3:26 – “She’s wearing her underwear. Why, aren’t you?” “I’m not wearing her underwear…” –M
3:2?We’re going to kill all the ugly things. –M
3:3? SH: “What are the first two instruments you think of when I say ‘symphony orchestra’?”
B: “Violin.”
M: “Tuba.” –SPBG
3:58 – Marian doesn’t want to marry Robbie. –SPBG
4: 26 – “What do you call a man who has a lot of muscle?” “…muscular?” –M
5:54 – Sorina’s book, “A Ready-made Grave”, is a best seller – they’re all sold out – there are no copies. –SPBG
6:50 – Sorina & Sharon left. Some work got done. It was great fun. –B
8:09 – Marian immerses herself in the gore of war. –B
9:00 – “You sang a hymn and now I’m singing Doris Day…” (Betsy to Marian) –B
9:00 – We had a lovely break out by the beautiful fire. We sang and chatted as we watched the dancing flames.
10:00 – Betsy has gone to bed, but I’m still writing. It’s unfortunate that I do my best writing at this late hour. I’m listening to The Village soundtrack which is super inspiring. Still in the battle scene. SIGH. –M
10:46 – Draven is dead! Eeeek! –M
11:36 – Betsy terrifies Marian by appearing suddenly on the couch. (Marian had headphones in and was very surprised). Betsy apparently was really hot and couldn’t sleep. Marian inquires as to whether Betsy is ill since she seems a little delirious. Betsy says no. Marian asks if she needs water. Again, Betsy rejects this. Then Marian suggests Betsy changes from her long-sleeved thermal and sweatpants into short sleeves and shorts. Betsy feels stupid at this obvious solution and retreats back to the bedroom. Marian saves the day and Betsy’s sleep yeah! –M

1:01 [am] – I can’t believe it…I’m in the epilogue. I literally have a few more pages to write. But I’m tired and will probably write better in the morning after I get some sleep. I can’t believe how close I am. I wrote 6,062 words today which is a personal record. Goodnight. –M
7:19 – We’re both up & pretty groggy. Had to tell the mice in the ceiling to be quiet at 4:40 this morning. Fire & coffee are going, so life is good. –B
9:07 – Finished preliminary edits to Dragonhoard. –B
9:51 – Finished first draft of Aakroveil!!! –M
10:02 – Cleanup commences. –B
10:18 – M: “I love donuts. I love bad things.” B: “Like you love bad men. What is it with you and bad things, Marian?” M: “I know. Give me a bad boy with a donut and I’m sold. Like this.” *imitates a bad boy resting against a door-post suggestively eating a donut* M: “Man, I want a poster.” –M
11:06 – All cleaned up and ready to go! After a minor heart-attack, my car started and we were able to head home! What a great weekend. –B