“The Chapel of the Thorn” launched at Ekphrasis

Chapel CoverOn Monday (January 5th), my edition of Charles Williams’ play The Chapel of the Thorn celebrated its official release with a nice little Book Launch Party at Ekphrasis. You can purchase the book on Amazon. After enjoying fellowship and really great food (see below), we gathered to listen to a selection from Chapel, read by Betsy Gahman, Jeffrey Harvey, and Andrew Stirling MacDonald. You can watch the reading here: . I apologize for my zombie-like condition; I was (and still am) recovering from a horrific bout of ‘flu.

IMG_1399After the Chapel party, we proceeded to a regular Ekphrasis. It was short, but successful. Jeff and Alex shared fiction, Marian performed two drama audition pieces, and several members read an adaptation Besty made from Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson. Is that it, folks? I can’t remember.

Do come out and join us next time!


About Sørina Higgins

Sørina Higgins is a writer, English teacher, and Inklings scholar. Sørina serves as Chair of the Department of Language and Literature at Signum University and teaches English at King's College and Lehigh Carbon Community College. She has published two books of poetry, "The Significance of Swans" and "Caduceus."

2 thoughts on ““The Chapel of the Thorn” launched at Ekphrasis

  1. Jeff says:

    Mine was a true story…

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