April Meeting announcement

Dear Ekphrasians:

We have a meeting coming up on April 6th at 6:00 at Living Hope. I look forward to seeing you there. Please read this whole post, because I’m sharing some important thoughts with you about our meetings.

On April 6th, we will begin with a workshop on Sentence Variety. This is very important for anybody who is writing anything, so please do attend. This workshop will take as long as it needs to, which means the share-and-critique part of the evening will be shorter than usual.

Because there will not be enough time for everyone to share, please send me your work ahead of time if you want to be considered for sharing it. And I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you (or to tell the newcomers) about how this sharing is designed to work.

Ekphrasis is a workshop, not a practice session. Because of this, and in keeping with our vision statement, here are some guidelines to help you choose which works to share:
1. Choose a work that is in a field you have studied long and rigorously. You wouldn’t do brain surgery without practicing it for years under expert teachers; music, writing, and visual art are also perfected over a long period of time under the tutelage of experts.
2. Choose a work that you have labored over, practiced, and revised. Make sure it is fit to be shared in intelligent artistic company. Don’t bring a hasty draft, an unpolished performance, or something that struck you in the middle of the previous night. Take into account the comments that have been made at previous meetings, whether in response to your work or someone else’s.
3. Be willing to receive serious advice for revision. Don’t bring a work unless you are ready to dedicate lots of time and effort to changing it in response to the suggestions you receive.

So if you want to share on April 6th, send me a document or recording of the piece you would like to share. I’ll let you know if it will be suitable for our shortened workshop time. Thanks very much, and may you receive many blessings as you strive for artistic excellence.