The #3DNC Plans of Andrew Stirling MacDonald

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Every Labor Day, a great many authors and author-hopefuls embark on a mad quest – attempting to write a novel in three days. It’s a sort of NaNoWriMo all compressed into one weekend of frantic, don’t-stop-writing-no-matter-how-silly-it-gets work. I will be joining several of my friends this year, and I will be trying to write a complete short story, or perhaps novella. I recently read (and reviewed!) The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch, and came away from the book very impressed with the way he made his city come to life. My goal with my novella is to make a part of my Noose world come to life in a comparable way. I have a few small ideas now, but I think I will be setting my story in the capitol city, following one main character and focusing on the part of the city in which he spends his time. I’m looking forward to the experience, and may publish the story here once I’ve edited the work.


About Andrew Stirling MacDonald

Andrew Stirling MacDonald is writer, video producer, composer and actor. He worked as a composer on a number of projects including Twenty Third Street Production's Exile, Perfection, Come On Down, Shindigital Productions' Into the Black, and several professional theatre productions. He is a founding member of the sketch comedy group "The Pippens," and once had a small role in an episode of HBO's Flight of the Conchords. He's also worked as a producer for Twenty Third Street Productions for the past twelve years, and has been the showrunner for Exile, a post-apocalyptic web series. In real life, Andrew can often be found writing unpublished novels, monopolizing pianos, extolling philosophies he understands little about and valiantly attempting to raise his three adorable children. If you want to find him it won't be that hard; he'll be the big hairy loud one in the kilt.

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