December meeting: Location change

Here are details for the meeting of Ekphrasis: Fellowship of Christians in the Arts on Monday, December 7th:

Time: 6-10 pm
Place: Wegman’s, 3900 Tilghman St, Allentown, PA 18104. (Whoever gets there first, please find a quiet corner (in amongst the cases of beer is usually good).

I have a dance class until 6:45, so I will be arriving late. Feel free to start sharing work before I get there.


Choose Your Favorite Title!

SignumBadge_300x90Here we are, only 3 days into NaNoWriMo, and I’m already breaking my resolution to stay away from social media and blogging for a month. But I need your vote! Robyn Stone and I are compiling the e-book with the winners of Signum University’s “Almost an Inkling” Creative Writing contest, and we need to choose a title. Please vote on your favorite title below and/or suggest your own in the comments! Thanks. Whatever title we use, we will also have the subtitle: Prize-Winning Flash Fiction and Short-Form Poetry from Signum University’s 2015 “Almost an Inkling” Creative Writing Contest.

Pod Plots
Sad Little Stories
Sparks and Quarks
Miniature Myths
Microcosmic Mythopoeia
The Soul of Wit
(or, Brevity, the Soul of Wit)
Stories in the Space Between “Tick” and “Tock”
(from Anne Whitver’s “Never Trust a Clock”)
A Word Against the Wild (from Karl’s Persson’s sonnet “Deconstruction”)
Succulent Ritual Tidbits (From Stacy Ericson’s “Hear the Lonesome Whistle Blow”)
The Tiniest of Noises (from “It’s a Girl” by Alexis Heit)
We’re Sorry. Did You Think this Was a Game? (From Jessica Katrowitz’s mystery “Text-Based”)
Ponder These Things in your Heart (from Laura Crouse’s “The Sisters of Protection Skete”)