Concert TONIGHT in Allentown!

Dear friends in Pennsylvania! Please attend this event tomorrow with my sister Eve Droma and her husband Ciprian!

Tuesday, November 15th
7pm at Living Hope Church
330 Schantz Road, Allentown

Concert and Hymn Sing
Ciprian Droma is a professional opera singer and professor of music. He will be singing some opera selections, leading the singing of some beloved hymns, teaching some Kurdish music, and ending with a few Christmas carols. Please come and enjoy his music!


NaNoWriMo the Signum way!

nanoDear creative writers:

Remember that awesome flash-fiction contest Signum University hosted last year? Well, this year we’re doing something different. November is National Novel-Writing Month; check out And Signum University, with NaNo’s blessing, is hosting its own NaNo-within-NaNo, right signumLogo_100here: So if you’re writing a novel this month, especially one with a science fiction or fantasy slant, and you want to join a creative community to discuss your project, please join Signum’s NaNo forum! You are very welcome there.