Concert TONIGHT in Allentown!

Dear friends in Pennsylvania! Please attend this event tomorrow with my sister Eve Droma and her husband Ciprian!

Tuesday, November 15th
7pm at Living Hope Church
330 Schantz Road, Allentown

Concert and Hymn Sing
Ciprian Droma is a professional opera singer and professor of music. He will be singing some opera selections, leading the singing of some beloved hymns, teaching some Kurdish music, and ending with a few Christmas carols. Please come and enjoy his music!


Come to the Last Ekphrasis

endOur Last Ekphrasis meeting is coming right up! I hope to see you there! This is an especially important meeting to me, since it’s the last one I will attend, so I hope to have you there. Here are the details:
Wednesday, May the 4th, 2016
Lehigh Valley Presbyterian Church, 31 S. 13th Street, Allentown
6-10 pm
potluck supper–please bring a dish to share–kitchen is available
sign up for a 20-min slot in which to share your work
Please do bring friends and family, as this will be our last hoorah! Let’s make it a shindig!

Big News in the Higgins Household

What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Does it harden, a bitter pill in the gut, to poison the whole bloodstream and shrivel the skin of joy?
In my case, it has waited, a coiled seed, to burst and bloom in the desert sun.
* We are moving to Texas this summer, where I will begin a PhD in English Literature at Baylor University!*
I’ll be studying modern British poetry and drama under the excellent Dr. Richard Russell and others, probably working as a research assistant, and trying to keep up some Inklings connections as relevant along the way.
So, it’s a difficult time here as we try to finish building Higgins’ Croft and get it ready to sell. It’s a time of grief and glory. It’s a time of endings and beginnings. It’s time to put on the cowboy boots and march into the library. Yeehaw!

We plan to move in the middle of July. I’m traveling in June, so the May Ekphrasis will be the last one (with me, anyway). Here is a survey to choose the date of that last meeting. Please REPLY with your preferred dates:

Monday, May 2nd
Wednesday, May 4th (May the Fourth be with you!)
Thursday, May 5th
Friday, May 6th

February meeting announcement

Dear Ekphrasians:

Here is the information for our next meeting. Note the changes in location and day of the week.

Thursday, February 4th, 6-10 pm
Lehigh Valley Presbyterian Church
31 South 13th Street, Allentown PA

Agenda: 20-minute slots for sharing; contact me to sign up for a slot. There are still 5 slots open. If you have a longish work to share, you can send it to me ahead of time; I’ll send it out to this list, and we can ask people to read/watch/listen to it beforehand and prepare comments on it. Thank you.

Under the Mercy,
Sørina Higgins

August Meeting: Now for something a little different!

Our August meeting will follow a different format than recent workshops. The location and time will remain the same:

Living Hope Church
330 Schantz Road, Allentown
6:00-10:00pm (ish)

…but the evening’s order of events will be new. Here is the idea:
1) Everybody will bring a work to share! No need to send it to the host for approval ahead of time. It can be good, bad, new, old, polished, rough… Here are the only guidelines:
– It must take 5 minutes or fewer to read/perform/present.
– It must be something that you take seriously (a work that you would like to bring to a professional or highly artistic level)

2) We will share all the works one after another, without discussion breaks in between. Come prepared to take notes during the presentations.

3) Then we will spend the rest of the evening discussing the theological implications of the works–whatever topics that prompt brings up. This might include the following:
– It is okay for a Christian to include explicit sexual content in a work of art? What about the ways those topics are expressed in this particular work of art?
– What about profanity?
– What about violence?
– Is it better to express faith explicitly or implicitly in a work? What about the ways faith is presented in particular works this evening?
– What worldviews or perspectives are presented in these pieces, consciously or unconsciously?
– What responsibilities do we have as Christians in the arts? Do we always have to present good role models? Do we always have to tell the Gospel? Do we have to present the world as it is, or as it should be?

Note: you do NOT have to think about these questions when you choose what to share. In fact, it might make for a better discussion if you did not choose a work that you think raises a particular theological topic. Let the other members, your audience, raise whatever questions your piece evokes in their minds.eliot

Here are some resources you might want to check out to prepare yourself for this discussion:

Theology through the Arts, a video by Jeremy Begbie
Violence, Profanity and Nudity: A Dialogue
Gordon College’s art policy on nude models (.pdf)

Please send me links to any others you recommend. Cheers.

An Invitation to a reading of “Rifton”

Dear Ekphrasians:

You are invited to attend a staged reading of the play RIFTON  by Sharon Gerdes, read by members of Players of the Stage. The stage will be cleared and set up as the set in the Diner might actually look. This will allow the readers to experiment with blocking, and it will give the playwright a greater sense of the structure of the play.

at-the-dinerFebruary 19th, 7:00 pm
Living Hope Presbyterian Church, 330 Schantz Road, Allentown

You are all invited to participate!